Photography is very important in my life, it's a deep and endless passion. I started 15 years ago by doing street photography. It developed in me this desire to see the world and radically changed my vision of things.

The photo looks like images, but they are ideas, our ideas, our vision of the world. This is the incredible power of photography.

What interests me most is that I can tell stories and share them. Weddings encapsulate everything I love about photography: telling stories, meeting people and sharing intense moments.

"It's not so much the light that inspires me, it's what the light illuminates. "Willy Ronis









My images are soft, luminous, sober and stylised. They convey an artistic idea, a message, an emotion.

My aim is to tell the story of your wedding in a simple, natural and spontaneous way.

Even if the wedding is partly scripted, it is always the real moments and emotions that make for good photos

The art of storytelling consists of the alchemy between a setting, a light and a couple.

My photographic processing is as close as possible to the fuji 400h and portra 400 film. I am a hybrid photographer, I work regularly with digital and film cameras.

My way of working, my post-processing, the film are a whole which defines my style. Luminous, organic, natural.