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Photography is a very important part of my life, a deep and never-ending passion. It developed in me this desire to see the world and radically changed my vision of things.

Photography looks like images, but they are ideas, our ideas, our vision of the world. That's the incredible power of photography.

What interests me most is that I can tell stories and share them. Weddings encapsulate everything I love about photography: telling stories, meeting people and sharing intense moments.

"It's not so much the light that inspires me, it's what it illuminates."

Willy Ronis





I'm proud to create your family photographic legacy. That's why I include a usb box and its prints in most of my collections. I also believe that your wedding photos should be printed on albums that guarantee unlimited longevity.

The importance of craftsmanship in my work is reflected both in my approach to photography and in my choice of suppliers to archive your photos. They are hand-picked to offer you the best possible products. I strive to offer you excellence from shooting to delivery of your photos.

My approach to photography is at the service of your couple. I document your wedding in an honest and authentic way. My film-like style and natural colors serve the purpose.


cocktail mariage à L'Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Morienval





Very professional, pleasant and smiling Eric has an undeniable artistic talent.

The photos are well above my expectations.

A big thank you to Eric! A photographer who listened to me and perfectly captured all the magical moments of our wedding, taking full advantage of the location and weather conditions. The photos are magnificent and in large numbers. Eric knows how to put us at ease, alternating between posed and live shots. We're extremely satisfied and highly recommend him!

Eric is much more than a photographer: he's an artist who tells stories through his photographs.

My husband and I asked Eric to cover our wedding. We were extremely happy and moved when we saw the results.

The photographs are so beautiful! Everything is captured - the emotions, the colors, the setting,...

The photographs are luminous and tender. Seeing them again makes you relive the emotions of the day itself.